Sept 22

Your children have done wonderfully their first few days of class 🙂  Everyone is a little shy at first but they all quickly settled in and enjoyed playing with each other and making new friends. Mrs. H and I have really enjoyed getting to know them.

Our daily schedule stays more or less the same for the school year in order to provide your child the comfort of knowing what comes next each day they are in class.

  • Arrival
  • Table Time (activities set out for students)
  • Circle (songs and stories)
  • Bathroom
  • Snack
  • Craft
  • Free Play and Small Group (I pull a few children at a time to do a learning activity while the other children play together or do a language activity with Mrs. H)
  • Closing Circle
  • Outside Play (when weather is nice we go out for recess until dismissal 
  • Dismissal

Every morning we start circle with our Hello! song. Last week we also sang a “getting to know each other’s names” song called Good Morning to You which I found on

Image result for good morning to you song

This morning the children will have read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and later this week it will be Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. The children will love the fun repetitive stories and making the craft afterwards.



A letter will go home (once I’m back) letting parents know how Freshgrade works. An invite to your child’s portfolio will be sent to your email after that. If you do not receive after next week please email me.

Contacting Me

Please don’t reply to these website update notifications unleas it is a message you would like shared with the whole class. Those replies are sent to the website comment section rather than my work email. I haven’t published anything private of course, but it was confusing me for a minute there as to what was going on, lol. Please open a new email and send it to

Class Picture Day is on Sept 29th

  • order forms will be sent home a couple weeks later with your child’s picture “proofs” inside
  • ordering is optional
  • parents are NOT to return orders to the school
  • please drop your order off at Michael’s Studio


We will celebrate in class with the Happy Birthday song and a card from the class. We cannot accept treats from home to share with friends.

October: Maksym and Keely

First Week

Hello Everyone! It was nice to meet some of you and your kids at our Virtual Q&A last week 🙂

We are starting our first week of school and out first batch of students are starting tomorrow. I have made a quick welcome video and Read Aloud for your children.

Action Items:

Who is picking up your child?

If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child: please email me at with the names of the people that you pre-approve to pick up your child on your behalf 🙂

Both parent names are on my list, but if you would like to arrange for an aunt/uncle, grandparent, etc. to pick up your child you have to inform me. You may also email me the day of with this information.

  • First Name/Last Name/Relationship to child


Staggered Entry: Sept 8-17

Your child will attend either Tuesdays or Thursdays for the first two weeks of school. This means they will come for one day a week for two weeks.

TUESDAYS: Sept 8th and 15th:

  • Rosie, Maksym, Brantley, Landon, Gracie, and Chase

THURSDAYS: Sept 10th and 17th:

  • Nick, Zander, Keely, Parker, Mackenzie, Ziyla, and Reagan

We begin our normal T/Th schedule on Sept 22nd with all children attending both days.

Children who are confirmed as being on the PUF list will attend four mornings. The start dates for the PUF 4 day schedule will be sent to parents once confirmation comes through.

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Please do the Daily Health Check with your child prior to arriving at the school every day.
    • If your child has a pre-existing condition or develops symptoms you may call the main office at 403-843-3751 for guidance.
  • Times are 8:40 am and 11:40 am.
    • Please arrive between 8:35 and 8:40am with your child.
    • Please be ready between 11:35-11:40am to pick-up your child.
  • We will meet at the front entrance of the school.
  • Late arrivals: please knock on the front door of the school to admit your child.

Sept 3rd Update

Parent Information Video

Virtual Q & A

September, 4th at 2:00pm

The link was sent privately to your email. Please check there for it 🙂

Staggered Entry

Two Weeks: Sept 8-17

  • Your child will attend either Tuesdays or Thursdays for the first two weeks of school. This means they will come for one day a week for two weeks.
  • TUESDAYS: Sept 8th and 15th:
    • Rosie, Maksym, Brantley, Landon, Gracie, and Chase
  • THURSDAYS: Sept 10th and 17th:
    • Nick, Zander, Keely, Parker, Mackenzie, Ziyla, and Reagan
  • We begin our normal T/Th schedule on Sept 22nd with all children attending both days.
  • Children who are confirmed as being on the PUF list will attend four mornings. The start dates for the PUF 4 day schedule will be sent to parents once confirmation comes through.
  • Arrival and dismissal times are 8:40 am and 11:40 am.

Ms. Randi with a mask an no mask.

Welcome To Pre-K with BFPA

Dear Families,

My name is Randi Schindel and I am the Bright Futures Play Academy teacher again this year.  This will be my fourth year with Wolf Creek School Division and teaching Pre-K at Rimbey Elementary School.  I look forward to seeing some familiar students and meeting my new ones in the upcoming days!

Ms. Randi

Please add to your email contacts 🙂

Do you have questions about Re-entry into school during COVID? Please refer to our BFPA Re-entry Parent Guide which can be found on our BFPA parent website.

Staggered Entry

September is a very exciting time for young students as many will be going to school for the first time.  I expect the children to be excited and a little nervous which is why we always start off the year with a staggered entry.  This allows the children to attend the school in small groups in order to see the classroom and meet the teacher and classroom staff for the first time.

  • Staggered Entry Weeks: Sept 8-15
    • Your child will attend either Tuesdays or Thursdays for the first two weeks of school. This means they will come for one day a week for two weeks.
    • TUESDAYS: Sept 8th and 15th:
      • Rosie, Maksym, Brantley, Landon, Gracie, and Chase
    • THURSDAYS: Sept 10th and 17th:
      • Nick, Zander, Keely, Parker, Mackenzie, Ziyla, and Reagan
    • We begin our normal T/Th schedule on Sept 22nd with all children attending both days.
    • Arrival and dismissal times will be announced next week. See below for more info.
  • Virtual Parent Information Meeting:
    • On Sept 3rd or 4th I will send a YouTube link to a recorded version of our Parent Information Meeting and a Google Meet link for a virtual Q&A.
    • Please watch the recording first and then join the meeting if you have any additional questions.
    • The Google Meet will be scheduled for Sept 4th at 2:00pm.

The Parent Information meeting allows me to give parents an overview of what our class community will be like through the year, including some of our exciting programming that we have available to parents.  It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Regular classes begin the week of Sept 22nd and your child will start their regular schedule of Tuesday and Thursday (T/Th). Please review the class calendar and note all the Class Holidays and Long Weekends 🙂



Most of the materials that children will use while at school (e.g. crayons, glue, etc.) will be provided through school fees. However, there are a few things we ask that your child have:

  • Backpack:  Your child will need a backpack for transporting items such as snacks, crafts and winter clothing items.
  • Indoor Shoes: Your child will require indoor shoes that will be kept at school. Shoes should have non-marking soles and velcro fastenings are preferred.
  • Extra Change of Clothes: Accidents happen. For that reason, please provide an extra change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks) that will be stored in a Ziploc bag to be kept at school.
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch Kit

Please ensure your child’s NAME is clearly marked on all belongings as often times several children will have the same or similar article of clothing, water bottle, backpack, etc.

Student Arrival and Dismissal

Pre-K students will be using the front entrance. Parents will be asked to bring their child to the front of the school and encourage their child to join the Pre-K class line. I will be outside to greet and dismiss them.

Please be prepared to say goodbye outside. We are discouraging parent visitors inside the school, so that we can maintain our cohort.

Typically we start and end from 8:30-11:30 am. However, this year we will be doing a social distancing arrival and dismissal. In order to maximize the space provided, our arrival and dismissal times will be moved back behind the other grades. I will have this information by Sept 3rd or 4th.

How Do I Let You Know If My Child Will be Absent?

The best way to notify me is to email me at at

I check my email every morning before class and then again when I do attendance. If a child is absent without a note, I am required to phone home during class time to check, so please email 🙂


You may email me at

I look forward to meeting you and your child and to a great school year!


Randi Schindel

June 15 Summer is Here

This is officially the last week of school for 2019-2020!  It has been a wild, crazy ride switching to online learning in the last half of the school year but we did it!  Carrie, Vanessa, and I have missed your kids like crazy and we are really looking forward to seeing them one last time before summer break in our Google Meets this week.

This post will be a little longer than our usual weekly learning post because our Pre-K team wanted to give our students a little extra material to use all summer long if they wanted to 🙂

Before we get to that I just want to send out some birthday wishes to our kids who will celebrate birthdays over the summer.

Summer Birthdays:

Happy Birthday to Ryder S. who turns 4 on July 4th and Abigail who turns 5 on August 27th.


Literacy Activity: Read Aloud of ABC Ready For School


Literacy Activity: Read Aloud of 5 Little Ducklings Go to School


Literacy Activity: Read Aloud of Ready Set Kindergarten


Language Activity: Sing a Long of The ABC Song

Here are a collection of ABC songs from my favourite Super Simple Songs.


Numeracy Activity:  How Many Are Hiding?

picture school math game buttons

This is a simple game that teaches early math skills such as counting, 1:1 correspondence, seriality, counting on, and estimation.  To play you need about 5-10 small objects like toys, buttons, rocks, or even beans.  You also need an object to hide them in like a cup.


picture school math game duplo


  • Place out 4 toys and count them with your child.
  • Tell your child to remember that number and then hide their eyes.
  • While your child is not looking hide one toy.
  • Tell your child to open their eyes and look at the number of toys left behind.
  • Ask them if they can guess how many are hiding.
  • Help them count the toys remaining, and then help them figure out how many toys are gone.
  • Try again with different amounts.
  • Start with a low number of toys but expand the amount of objects as your child gets the rules.


  • You can also play this game with a snack or treat item like Goldfish Crackers or fruit snacks.  If your child guesses the right number than they get to keep the treat that was hidden.


Numeracy Activity: Sorting Shapes and Colours

Here are a couple game ideas on helping your child to learn their shapes and colours.  In the shape sorts below it is important to help your child name the shapes and to talk with them about what they look like.  “Look the circle is round like a ball.  It doesn’t have straight lines.  And the square has 4 straight lines”.  If your child knows their basic shapes try teaching them about ovals, diamonds, octagons, etc.

These ideas are from and can can be viewed here and here.

There are a lot of ways you can practice recognizing and naming colours with your child.  The quickest way is to simple dump out some of their toys and challenge them to find certain colours until you have several different piles sorted out.

picture school Sorting-Toys-by-Color

In the picture below, the parent saved lids from their child’s snacks and milk jugs and threw them in a pool of water.  The child is fishing them out and sorting them by colour as she goes.

picture school Sorting-by-Color

This idea is from and can be viewed here.


Recipe Idea: Fruit Skewers

This is a fun way to talk with your child about healthy snacks and it is simple enough that your child can help make it.  Simply take you and your child’s favourite fruits and chop them into small chunks.  Then let your child push them onto the skewer.  I have found the long skewers at the Dollar Store and grocery stores in the past.

picture school recipe Creative-Rainbow-Fruit-Skewers--1024x683

You can view the recipe here.


Fine Motor Activities:

picture school name puzzle cut outs

Activity One: Name Puzzle

You can help your child learn to recognize the letters in their name and how to put them in order by helping them make a name puzzle. You can write their name on a piece of paper and cut out each letter or you can use bottle caps or even clothespins like in the pictures below.

picture school name puzzle lids make-your-name-puzzle-activity-3


At first, you may need to help your child find the letters and name them and then help them put them in order.  With practice your child should be able to recognize and name each letter in their name.


picture school name puzzle clothespin


Activity Two: Learn the Shape of the Letters in Your Name

This activity creates a “tactile” way for your child to learn the letters of their name by touching them.  With this activity you can help your child learn the shape of letters and how to draw them by helping to guide your child’s finger over each letter.  Encourage your child to start at the top of each letter.

If your child already know the letters in their name, you can try the names of family members, pets, or favourite characters. 

picture School name tactile

To make this you can draw your child’s name using glitter glue or you can use white glue and sprinkle on coloured sugar.  Hint: To make coloured sugar simply add a couple drops of food colouring and mix it until the sugar is evenly coloured.

This idea is from and you can view her instructions here.


Picture school write-your-childs-name-with-highlighter-then-trace-it

Activity Three: Trace Your Name

Some of our children are independently writing their full first name, but several of them are still learning to write their letters and what order to put them in.  To assist your child with this you can try this easy activity from  Simply take a highlighter and write your child’s name, nice and big.  Then encourage your child to trace their name.  You may need to place your hand over your child’s to help them the first few times.  Remember to start at the top for each letter.



picture school Puffy_Paint_ice cream cone

Activity Three: Make a Puffy Paint Picture

Puffy paint is easy to make and it is a lot of fun to paint with.  Once it dries it creates a cool 3D effect that feels “puffy” to the touch.

We have the recipe over on our recipe page but the recipe is so short and easy I can include it here too 🙂

  1. Mix equal parts shaving cream and white glue.
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring (optional, you can always leave it white)
  3.  Stir to mix.

picture school puffy-paint-how to

Use an old paintbrush to paint with or the back of a plastic spoon.  (Don’t use a good brush because it is hard to wash out the gluey paint after.

You can make any picture you like.  Here are some inspirations:

picture school puffy-paint extra pics


picture school cloud dough Cloud-Dough-Recipe

Activity Four: Make Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is a version of playdough that is softer and silkier than the original.  This is another easy recipe, in fact it is so easy your child can make it!

  1.  Mix equal amounts of lotion and cornstarch.
  2. Mix
  3. Optional: you can add a couple drops of food colour.

This idea is from and you can view their instructions here.


Activity Four: Draw a person

This one is as simple as it sounds.  Simply, ask you child to draw a person.  You can talk with them about the different parts that people have: head, body, arms, legs, feet, toes, fingers and the different parts of the face: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair.

In the pictures below you can see that there is a developmental progression to drawing a person.  Typically, young children start out with scribbles, and then as they mature their drawings become more organized and more details are added.

Drawings linked to intelligence study



Gross Motor Activities

Activity One: Here is a bucket list of activities to do this summer that our team made!

Summer Bucket List Picture

You can click on the picture above to open the printable PDF or click on: Summer Bucket List


Activity Two: Here are a few Cosmic Kids Yoga Ideas


And finally, for those rainy days, here are some great Read Alouds and Sing a Longs to last you all summer long 🙂


Have a great summer and see you soon!

Google Meet Reminder

Google Meets on June 16 and June 17 for our Farewell Class 
  • To make it fun for the kids I would like it to still be an Ice Cream Party theme.
    •  Students and staff can bring their own ice cream or popsicle
  • The Monday/Wednesday Google Meet will be on Wednesday, June 17th at 10:00-10:30am.
  • The Tuesday/Thursday Google meet will be on Tuesday, June 16th at 10:00-10:30am.
  • I will email the link to parents on both days at 9:50am.
  • Here is the Parent Guide for parents on how to use Google Meet.
    • Please review the guide carefully. 
    • Parent supervision is required at all times during a Google Meet with young children.
  • If you have any questions you can email me.
– The focus of this meet is to provide a social experience for the children 🙂
– Say hi to everyone
– Read Aloud or Song while the kids eat their treats
– Sharing Circle- everyone has a chance to talk and share about what is going on in their lives or what their plans are for summer

June 8, 2020

Good morning everyone,

First off, I want to wish Austin a Happy Birthday because he turns 5 this week!

picture Birthday Banner cropped paw-patrol-blue-birthday-giant-banner


We miss you Austin!


We are in the last two weeks of classes now!  Our last day will officially be June 19th.  This week our theme is Camping and Summer fun.  Next week, our theme will be Kindergarten and School, in honour of all of our Pre-K graduates who are going on to Kindergarten in the fall!

I would like to do a FAREWELL Google Meet with our students for each class on June 16 and June 17 next week.  I have emailed families with the details this morning.  If you do not receive the email please email ASAP so that I can ensure that you receive the link to the Google Meet next week.  Today’s email also includes the reason why I chose dates in the middle of the week rather than the official last two days of class (hint: it has to do with overloading the internet, lol).

This Week’s Activities

Today, we will start with two Read Alouds.  I read a story about Goldilocks and the Three Bear’s and Ms. Carrie reads a story about a boy named Billy and his camping trip.

Literacy Activity: Read Aloud of Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Literacy Activity: Read Aloud of Billy’s Camping Trip by Ms. Carrie


Language Activity: Sing a Long of A Camping We Will Go with Ms. Vanessa.

Join Ms. Vanessa in singing this  camping song.


Numeracy Activity:

Ms. Vanessa made this simple and fun numeracy activity for the kids.


  1. Draw 5 boxes with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Label each box with the numerals 1-5.
  3. Talk about the numbers with your child and tall them what each numeral is called.
  4. Ask your child to find outdoor items for each box.  Ask them to find one thing for the box labelled “1”, two things for the box labelled “2”, etc.
      • examples: rocks, twigs, dandelions, leaves, etc.
  5. Help your child count the items carefully.  Model how to touch each item for each count if they have trouble.
  6. Take a picture and send it in to us by emailing Ms. Randi 🙂wp-15915560366611433152654630560811.jpg

Extension: if your child is proficient at counting objects to 5, try doing this activity with numbers 1-10 or 10-20.


Literacy Activity: Plan a Picnic

First, watch the read aloud of Digger and Daisy Go on a Picnic  by Ms. Carrie.

Next, allow you child to plan an indoor or outdoor picnic. picture camping picnic

  1. Find them a blanket and spread it out in a comfy spot.
  2. Tell them that they can have a picnic here but first they need to write down (or draw) for you what they would like to have at their picnic.
  3. Provide them with paper and a pencil.
  4. To guide their choices give them a limited choice.  “Do they want a juice box or a glass of milk?”.
  5. When they make each choice encourage them to draw a picture of it.  You can write the word down for them to copy or, if they know some letters, encourage them to write the letters they know from each word (they don’t need to have every letter).
  6. You can let them pick things for a whole meal or keep it simple and let them pick out a couple snacks.

Below is an example of preschool aged children making grocery lists.  You can see that the children write using a variety of pictures, letters, and shapes that look like letters which is typical of 3-5 year olds.

picture example of writing


Fine Motor Activities:

Activity One: Make a Glowing Campfire

This cute and simple craft is from  All you need is a plastic cup and tealight to make the “glowing” part, tissue paper to make the flames, and brown paper to make the logs.  Hint: you can also make logs from paper towel rolls if you have some saved up.

picture camping campfire-pin

You can view the instructions here.

Activity Two: Leaf Jewelry

This craft is fun to do on a camping trip or in your own back yard.


This activity is from and you can view the instructions here.

Activity Three: Leaf Rubbing

To do this activity you need some paper, leaves, and unwrapped crayons.  Demonstrate to your child how to place the leaf under the paper and how to rub the crayon back and forth to make the “rubbing”.  It may be difficult for them to use their “pinchy fingers’ in this grip, but encourage them to keep trying.  You can help by guiding their fingers into a position that will grip the crayon, and using your hand over their to show them how to rub.  This is a great activity to develop hand strength and coordination 🙂

picture camping craft leaf rubbing

This activity idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.


Gross Motor Activities

Activity One: Glow Stick Ring Toss
Invite your child to play this ring toss game in the dark!  You will need some glow stick bracelets or necklaces and a glow stick to use as the stake. (Glow sticks can usually be found in party supply sections in stores). Dig a glow-stick into the dirt so that it is poking up out of the ground. Take turns trying to throw your glow stick rings over the stick.  You can also add a glow stick to a water bottle to make the stake.

Activity Three: Make a Blanket Fort (or tent!)

Who didn’t love making blanket forts when they were a kid?  If you haven’t already done this with your child, you can make a simple fort for them with a sheet and some chairs or with your couch.  Watch out though, little kids can spend all day moving in, but they rarely want tot stick around when it is time to pack up, lol.

picture camping blanket fort

This idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.

Activity Two: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is back with this sweet movement story about an owl!

Activity Three: Maddox Dance Co. online class

picture Maddox Dance CoYour child can join Brittany Maddox live on her Facebook page every Thursday at 2 pm on this link.








June 1, 2020

Good morning this week our theme is going to be ponds and the animals that live in them.  The weather is warm and the trees are green, and I know that a lot of you are spending as much time outside as you can 🙂


Literacy and Numeracy Activity: Read Aloud of Over in the Meadow

This is a traditional rhyming story that is told in a series of poems, and it also teaches counting to 10.  This story has a lot to offer to a young learner: language, phonemic awareness, and numeracy skills.  Also, at the end of the story there is a picture hunt that your child can do.

In this read aloud, I pick the numeracy skill to work on and I emphasize counting to 10.


Phonological Awareness Activity: Teach the Rhymes

Read the story again with your preschooler by following this link and logging in to their Epic! student account.

picture pond book Over in the Medow

As you read the story pause on the second rhyming word in each rhyming pair and see if your child can fill it in.   “Over in the meadow in the sand in the sun, lived an old mother turtle and her little turtle ________ (one).”  Next, pause expectantly for about 5-7 seconds to give them time to think of the rhyming word.  If they don’t respond or they say the wrong word, gently provide the correct word for your child and then talk with them about the rhyming words: “Sun/one.  Those rhyme!  They sound the same”.  Continue for each rhyming pair throughout the story.


Language and Numeracy Activity: 5 Green and Speckled Frogs

This silly song usually gets a few giggles out of preschoolers, especially the part about eating bugs!  Yum, yum 🙂


Sensory Bin: Messy Play with Ooblek

Ooblek is a very easy recipe to make.  All you need is cornstarch and water.  It is messy but so much fun for kids (and adults!) to play in.  The following video shows you the recipe and directions on how to make it.

Here are some variations on how to make it “pond themed”.

picture pond bugs-in-muck

This variation is from and it turns the oobleck “mucky” by adding in some cocoa powder.  You can view the instructions here.

This other ooblek idea is from  They coloured the ooblek blue and added some toys animals that live in the ocean.

picture pond oobleck

The instructions can be viewed here.


Literacy Activity: Reading and Writing About Nature

First, read this story from Epic! to your child.

picture pond book

Next, take your child on a nature walk and let them draw the animals that they see.  You can talk to your child about how Jo went on a nature walk and drew and wrote about the animals that she saw.

picture pond nature walk

In the picture below you can see an example of a young child’s nature journal.  His parent wrote the words to describe the animal and the child copied the letters and drew a picture.  This is a great way to encourage your child to practice writing and to take an interest in letters!

picture pond frog-spawn-entry-in-Nature-Journal

This example is from and her instructions can be viewed here.


Social Emotional

Watch Ms. Carrie’s read aloud about a bully.

Talk with your child about what it means to be a good friend.  In school we teach children that good friends: play nice, share, use nice words to talk to each other, and we use gentle hands and don’t hit each other.


Fine Motor Activities

Activity One:

Talk with your child about the animals and plants that you might see at a pond.  Ask your child to make a pond and add some lily pads.  You can make the pond and lily pad craft below with finger painting, a paper plate, and cupcake liners.  This craft is considered process art where the focus is more on exploring the art materials and the different ways we can be creative.  It is perfect for Pre-K!

picture pond art water lilies monster inspired artwork for kids This idea is from and you can view the instructions here.

Activity Two:

This cute duck is made from your child’s handprint.  They used foam craft paper but you can use any type of paper you like.

picture pond art Handprint-Duck-Book-Craft

This idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.

Activity Three:

This is another duck one, but this time you can use your child’s footprint!  We have done a couple footprint crafts in the class and it always results in a lot of giggling, lol.

picture pond art duck-footprint-craft-for-kids-

This idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.


Gross Motor Activities

Activity One: Activity Two: Cosmic Kids Yoga and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Encourage your child to follow along with this fun yoga story.


Activity Two: Maddox Dance Co. online class

picture Maddox Dance CoYour child can join Brittany Maddox live on her Facebook page every Thursday at 2 pm on this link.







May 25, 2020

This week we are learning about bugs.  Our team has found some great activities, stories, and songs and they are all about bugs 🙂

Literacy Activity: The Beeman

This is a story that is told through a series of poems.  It is all about a beekeeper and how he looks after bees!


Language Activity: The Itsy Bitsy Spider Sing a Long

Follow along with Miss Carrie as she sings this well known nursery rhyme!


Fine Motor Activities

Activity One: Make a Pet Bug

Encourage your child’s imagination with this cute activity from

picture bugs pet rock

You can view the instructions here.

Here are some other cute examples of rock bugs.

Activity Two: Make a Bug House

Kids love finding and looking at bugs, and this “Bug Hotel” idea is simple to make but can provide a child with hours of entertainment.  Place it in your yard where ladybugs like to frequent.  Before you begin, read the instructions with your child and talk about what you will need for each step.  Make a list with your child and encourage them to add a picture or two of things that they can help find (ex: sticks and pinecones) then let them help collect the materials. 

picture bugs hotel

This activity idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.

Activity Three: Paint the Very Hungry Caterpillar

First, watch this read aloud with your child of the story by the author himself: Eric Carle!

Next, encourage your child to make their own picture of the Hungry Caterpillar.  They can use whatever art materials on hand or you can try these two ways painting ideas.

picture bugs hungry caterpillar fingerprints

This fun sponge painting idea is from and the instructions can be viewed here.

OR try this adorable handprint idea from an unknown source.

picture bugs hungry caterpillar handprints



Numeracy Activity: Tic Tac Toe

Teach your child to play Tic Tac Toe.  You can use a pencil and paper or you can make playing pieces out of pet bugs by following the instructions from the craft idea above.

Tic Tac Toe is a logic based game that helps teach problem solving skills, logic, observation skills, and strategy.  There is also a component of cooperation that is involved because in any game players have to cooperate by following the rules.



Gross Motor Activities

Activity One: Go on a Bug Scavenger Hunt

First, watch this video from Miss Carrie where she reads a story about a child who wants to catch bugs!

Next, have your child draw their own list of bugs that they want to find or you can use this printable from

picture bugs scavenger hunt

You can download the printable by following this link.

Finally, go outside and look for bugs!

Summer Term in Reception | Bankfields

Activity Two: Cosmic Kids Yoga and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Encourage your child to follow along with this fun yoga story.

Activity Three: Maddox Dance Co. online class

picture Maddox Dance CoYour child can join Brittany Maddox live on her Facebook page every Thursday at 2 pm on this link.