June Update

I just wanted to give you some quick updates as we near the end of the school year. We wrapped up our Butterfly unit last Thursday when I was away. The butterflies surprised us and finished emerging from their chrysalises early and were ready to go, so Mrs. H and the substitute, Ms. Smith, took the children outside and they released the butterflies together. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures that day but the butterflies were the Painted Lady butterfly type and, for reference, you can see the picture below..

June Unit

This week we are doing a unit to celebrate Indigenous History month which is in June every year. We listened to an cress story called The Granddaughter Who was Eaten by a Big Fish. It was pre-recorded so that the children could listen to it in the oral story tradition of the Cree peoples. The story was about a young girl who was told by her Gookum (pronounced cook-um and means grandmother) to not swim in a lake because there is a big fish that lives there. In the oral story tradition stories were told and retold throughout the life of a child and as they grow older they learn more and more from the story. Some stories, like certain legends, are only meant for telling during the winter months. Other stories, like this learning one, can be told and shared by anybody at any time.

Image Credit: Laura Budgell

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In our sharing circle afterwards, the children thought it was funny that the Big Fish swallowed the girl whole, but they agreed that the Granddaughter should have listened to her Grandmother’s warning about the fish in the lake.

The children enjoyed this story and asked if there was another one, so we will listen to Little Bear and the Crow on Thursday morning.

Last Day of Class is on June 15th

Our last day is next Tuesday! The year has gone by so fast and your children have made it so enjoyable. Usually we have a picnic or an ice cream party outside and we invite all of our family’s to join us. However, due to COVID, our school is going to finish off the year following the restrictions against gatherings and we will not be having a family picnic. Instead, the children will enjoy a class party with a special treat (maybe creamsicles!), a slideshow of our year together, a fun show (PG), and lots of time to play outside.

May Update

As all of our families are now aware, Pre-K will be able to continue in class learning over the next two weeks. I have checked in with each family and it looks like we will have pretty much regular attendance from all of our students 🙂

Rest assured, that our regular COVID protocols like classroom cleaning and hand washing will continue. One bonus is that Pre-K will be allowed to use the gym during those days and I am looking forward to breaking out some gym games that we haven’t tried yet this year!

Please Note: while the other grades are scheduled to return to school on May 25th, this continues to be a scheduled day off for our Pre-K class. There is NO Pre-K on Tuesday, May 25th. Our class will resume on Thursday, May 27th.

Classroom Happenings

This week our theme has been Bears! We have read stories about bears and even acted out We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! The kids love the movement activities that we do at circle time and they had so much fun pretending to find the bear and run home at the end.

We also made a Brown Bear craft from a paper bag. This craft continues our focus on learning shapes and practicing our fine motor skills for drawing and cutting. The shape we focused on was circle. We cut out a large circle for the face, two medium circles for the ears, and one small circle for the nose.

During the next few weeks we are going to explore a Plants and Gardening theme and an Insects theme. Our students will have the opportunity to plant a seed and watch it grow and I am VERY excited to say that we will be receiving a live Butterfly Kit as part of our in class field trip learning activity. We will get to watch and take care of caterpillars as they go through the stages of becoming butterflies. The kids are going to love it! But shhh, I haven’t told them about this surprise yet.

Thank-you to Sophie’s mom for mention this opportunity to me 🙂

Earthly Accents. Facebook, March 8, 2021.

Upcoming Events

May 25- No School. Enjoy your May Long Weekend!

May 27 and 28th- Parent Teacher Interviews

  • a SignUp Genius link will be sent out closer to the date.
  • parents can choose either a Thursday evening phone call or a Friday morning phone call with me.

June 15- Last Day of Pre-K class

  • Is your child registered for Kindergarten or Pre-K next year?
    • Kindergarten Registration can be done from the RES website.
    • Pre-K registration can be done from our BFPA website. (Please choose the option for returning student.)

April Update

Please note the important dates below:

May 25: No School (May long weekend extends to Tuesday, May 25th).

  • Please Note: There will be NO class on Tuesday, May 25th for Pre-K. This is a scheduled day off for Pre-K only and the older grades will be at school. Pre-k classes resume on Thursday, May 27th.

Parent Teacher Interviews:

  • Pre-K parent teachers interviews will be done by phone call again. We typically hold them around the first week of June and I will send out a schedule later in May.

June 15: Last Day of Pre-K classes.

  • Our last day will be a celebration of our year together. Then it is on to summer holidays!

Classroom Happenings:

Last week we started a Pets theme in class to help guide our learning about the world around us. Boy do the kids like talking about their pets! Last week we made a graph together as a class and added all of the pets that we have a home to it! There were more animals than kids 🙂

Last week we read a story about being a Veterinarian and what type of work they do to look after our pets. Then we opened up a fun dramatic play centre where the kids can take turn pretending to be a vet.

We also learned about the letter “C” and made a craft called “C is for Cat”.

Today we talked about how we care for our pets and we read two stories called “Our New Kittens” and “Cat’s Colors”.

We also made a class book called “Our Dream Pet”. We will read it together on our next day.


Today we checked out Leprechaun traps to see if we caught the mischievous little guy. Unfortunately, he got away from all of us BUT he did leave us some shamrock stickers that we turned into a picture!

This week we read How To Catch a Leprechaun and Lucky Ducky, a story about a duck who goes off in search of a lucky four leaf clover.

2021-2022 Pre-K Virtual Open House

Will your child be 3 or 4 years old by December 31, 2021? Have you already registered or are considering enrollment with BFPA this coming Fall?

  • Please join us for a LIVE Google Meet Open House, hosted by our Early Years Program Staff this coming March 2021!
  • For registration information please open the link below:

Spring Break/Easter Break

March 29-April 6th: No School

  • Pre-K Classes resume on Thursday, April 8th.
  • If you wish to see our class calendar you can view it here. Class days are dark blue.

Important dates

May 25: No School (May Long Weekend extends to Tuesday, May 25th).

June 15: Last day of Pre-K classes.

Feb 2 Update

I forgot to add:

If you don’t have time to send in cards before this Thursday we will have time in class to MAKE cards for our friends. We probably won’t be able to make 13 cards for each friend in the class but we will be able to make cards for everyone 🙂

Feb 2, 2021

This week and last week our theme has been Dinosaurs! We had fun making dinosaur fossils last week and making our own Dinosaur Book!

We read our class book and some other fun Dinosaur stories.

This week we started a craft called Handosaurus using green paint and our hand print. On our next day we are going to draw on some new details.

We also did a fun Dinosaur themed yoga today for our movement break.

Valentine’s Day

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 11th. Children are allowed to bring in valentine cards to share with their friends but they MUST be brought in this Thursday on Feb 4th. This is so that we can place the cards into “quarantine” and give them time for the germs to dissipate.

I’m apologize for the short notice. I was originally thinking we could bring them in next Tuesday, but of course the 3 day period for quarantine means we cannot bring them in next week because there are only two days between Tuesday and Thursday.

Children may attach a treat to their cards, if you like, but they have to be individually wrapped. We cannot accept baked good to pass out.

February Break

February 15-19th: No School

Pre-K Registration 2021-2022

  • Registration letters for Pre-K 2021-2022 were sent out to families previously.
  • For RETURNING Pre-K students please complete the Returning Student Registration
  • For NEW Pre-K students please complete the New Student Registration
  • Registration is available now at our BFPA parent website
  • Deadline is March 31, 2021.
    • This deadline is necessary and will determine the number of classes we will be able to offer for the fall of 2021.

If your child is attending Kindergarten next year please see the school website for kindergarten registration information.

January Update

It was great to be back in school with the students this week! With the warmer weather we went outside for recess on both days. Please continue to send your child with full winter gear, so that they can enjoy playing in the snow.

This week we read The Mitten and Lost. Found.

During circle time on Tuesday, we talked about what we got for Christmas and then we drew a picture of it during craft time. On Thursday we talked about the numbers 1, 2, 3. We drew each number, named it, and then drew buttons to match each number. At craft time, the children had a chance to count and draw buttons on snowmen to match the numeral that each snowman had.

On Thursday we also welcomed a new student named Landan. He was in my class last year, and is back this year, with a little later start. Welcome back Landan!

Next week we are starting the morning with self-directed crafts during Table Time. The kids will get to be creative and make whatever they want as they explore using the different art materials: paper, crayons, glue, sequins, and scissors.

Please note the following registration dates for the next school year: 2021-2022

Pre-K Registration

  • Registration letters for Pre-K 2021-2022 were sent out to families this week
  • For RETURNING Pre-K students please complete the Returning Student Registration
  • For NEW Pre-K students please complete the New Student Registration
  • Registration is available now at our parent website
  • Deadline is March 31, 2021.
    • This deadline is necessary and will determine the number of classes we will be able to offer for the fall of 2021.
Pre-K Registration letter for next year

Kindergarten Registration

  • January 19, 2021 – Kindergarten Registration for 2021-2022 opens.
  • Please refer to the RES school website at https://res.wolfcreek.ab.ca (on Jan. 18th) that will have the necessary links and additional information.
  • Make sure that you select the correct school term: 2021-2022.  
  • If you have any questions please phone the school’s main office at 403-843-3751

February Break

February 15-19th: No School

Jan 7th At Home Learning

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a restful and cheery holiday break 🙂

Next week, we should all be back in class together (fingers crossed) but today is our at home learning day. I have included some suggested learning activities below that you can do with your child.

Read Aloud

Here is a story called Little Snowflake. You can listen along to me reading it aloud by watching the YouTube video below.

Sing Along

This is a song that we have listened and danced to in the classroom in December. Since we weren’t allowed to sing we listened to it on the Smartboard and we learned the movements to go along with it 🙂

Here is the same song from Super Simple Songs (slightly better sung, lol)

Fine Motor- Build a Snowman with Playdough

For this activity, your child will need playdough (recipe here) and some small bits and pieces that can be used to make the parts of a snowman. For example, you can use twigs or toothpicks for arms, a small ribbon for a scarf, and buttons for eyes. You can also use different coloured playdough for the parts of the face as well.

Talk with your child about what a snowman looks like. Is a snowman’s body round like a circle or square like a box? Ask them to show you how to make a ball out of playdough. Help them round it into a ball shape if they are not sure. Ask them how many balls do they want their snowman to have? One, two, or three? Talk about how the ball on top is smaller than the one on the bottom.

Once the snowman body is constructed show your child how the bits and pieces you have collected can be used to make the snowman face parts. How many eyes should you make? How many noses? How are we going to make the mouth? What can we use for a scarf?

Send me a picture of your completed snowman!

Gross Motor: Snowball Laundry Shoot

  1. Set out a laundry basket on one side of the room. Roll up 5 socks into a ‘snowball’.
  2. Invite your child to try to toss 5 of the rolled up sock ‘snowballs’ into the basket using an underhand throw.
  3. Try starting three steps away from the basket and move closer or farther away as needed.
  4. Give your child a turn to toss all five ‘snowballs’. Count with your child from 1 to 5 as they aim for the basket. 
  5. Play again, this time, taking turns and using phrases like ‘my turn’ and ‘your turn’.

Learning Letters

Have an “ABC” day. You can pick one letter or play around with a few different ones.

  • Talk about the letters in your child’s name
  • Draw letters
  • Make playdough letters
  • Sing the ABC’s
  • Match lower case to uppercase letters printed on paper or index cards

Learning Letter Sounds

Or have an “S” sound day and talk about the sound things that start with the /s/ sound. In class we call it the Snake Sound because it sounds like a snake hiss: ssssss!

  • snowman
  • sign
  • socks
  • sleep
  • slippers
  • slide
  • sandwich
  • snack

Snacktime Fun

Have a picnic for snacktime. Spread out a blanket on the floor and have your child get their favourite teddy bears (and siblings) to join them for am impromptu picnic.

Here is another great Read Aloud to end our morning. This one is called Snowmen at Night and it is by Awnie.

I hope you guys had fun learning today. Mrs H. and I can’t wait to see you all again in the classroom!

Nov 3

During the next few weeks our class will be learning about our emotions, making friends, and how to get along. Your children are very kind with each other and are already doing a great job! Today we read the story Llama Llama, Red Pajama and we talked about how sometimes we miss our family when we are at school, but that we are doing a good job having fun and being patient to see our moms and dads again!

I will also be working on the EYE (Early Years Evaluation) in class and hope to have those done by the end of November. As a teacher, I use the EYE to help me see where my students’ strengths lie and where we can develop our skills more as a class. For example, we might do more crafts that use our pencil grip/scissor grip or spend more time on nursery rhymes depending on where the EYE shows me that the needs of the class are.

This morning the kids were very excited to see that we had playdough to play with today! Each kid has their own container, cookie cutters, and rolling pin. After they played, Mrs. H and I taught them how to put everything away and make sure that the playdough lid is on nice and tight. They did a great job cleaning up after themselves!

Zander, Keely, and Rosie cleaning up their playdough.


Fall Break:

  • Nov 9-13th NO SCHOOL
  • There is no Pre-K next week on Nov 10th or 12th
  • Pre-K classes resume on Nov 17th
  • You can always view our class calendar from my website.
    • look in the menu for the Calendar button
    • the dark blue days are class days 🙂

Parent Teacher Interviews

  • Dec 3rd (pm) and Dec 4th (am)
  • later this month I will send out a SignUp Genius invite to your email so that you can pick what time works best for you

Daily Health Check

  • Alberta Health has updated our Daily Health Check, the new version can be found on the school website and it can be found on my website under the link Daily Health Check.
  • The new version needs to be read carefully, but it should make it easier for students to attend school with minor symptoms, so please check it out 🙂
  • link to my website.

October Update

Winter is here early! Please continue to send in full winter gear with your child. We can continue to play outside as long as everyone is dressed warmly with ski pants, mitts, etc 🙂

We have been having a lot of fun learning about Fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween this month. We have read stories, learned some fingerplays and chants, and made Turkeys, Fall Trees, and Monster Letters for craft time!

Here are some of the books we are reading this week and next week 🙂
Our Monster Letters look great up on the wall!


  • Costumes are optional and your child may wear orange/black clothing if they wish, or their regular play clothes. 
    • Costume Rules:
      • Please bring your child to school already dressed in their costume.
      • Please ensure that your child can use the bathroom independently in their costume.
      • No costume props (ie. wands, purses, masks, etc.)
      • No play weapons (swords, guns, etc) This is a school wide policy.
  • Candy and Treats
    • to keep things simple this COVID year :), I will bring in some pre-packaged Halloween treats for your child to enjoy in class rather than asking parents to send in treats.
    • We will observe the extra COVID precautions when handing out treats.
  • Movie
    • I am planning to put on a short movie for the children to enjoy called Room on the Broom.  This movie is rated G and the trailer can be viewed here.
    • Please let me know if you have any concerns about this.